My name is Emily and I am a pre-service teacher living and learning in Regina, Saskatchewan. This blog is a tool to chronicle my discoveries as I learn. I dream of inspiring my students to wonder about the world around them, like I have done for the majority of my life. I want my students and I to ask questions everyday, so that we can learn constantly.

I was born and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta. The Coulees, the Prairies, and the Rockies shaped my view of this country, and fostered my interest in Social Studies from a young age. I find fascination in the people and places that surround me, and I have traveled to places around the world to discover variations and similarities within humankind.

My parents have raised me with the understanding that good people are all around us, and that empathy and humility should guide our thoughts and actions in this world. My Mother, a social worker for the past 30 years, taught me that it is a small world waiting for us to make connections with each other, and that the things we have in common with strangers can almost always be tied to Moose Jaw. My Dad’s advocacy for children with disabilities struggling to find inclusive, fair education within the public sector has inspired my own path of Inclusive Education. From him I have learned that no budget changes, no lack of resources, no increased workload, is an excuse for a teacher to exclude students from authentic education.

I listen more than I speak, and I’m a dog person. Big time. I like cheesy movies and movies that make you think.  I like to run, but I don’t do it enough and I don’t do it fast. I like diet coke and music that turns a car ride into a road trip. I am continuing to understand and recognize my privilege in this world. I am mostly happy, and usually listening.